Wayfinding along the Thames Tow Path for Canal & River Trust

We were commissioned by the Canal & River Trust to create a new range of wayfinding for the towpath that would provide a better welcome and clearer information to visitors of the canal and improve the brand recognition of the Trust.

Client: Canal & River Trust
Location: England and Wales

Thames Towpath Wayfinding

What we did

We conducted extensive research across a range of different canal sites from city centres, to rural locations and to specific attractions. We talked to lots of visitors and users of the canal.

The research led us to develop a wayfinding signage family that was easily identifiable yet sat easily within the tranquil environment that is loved by canal users. This was important in building better recognition amongst visitors with the Trust through a brand language and, where appropriate, a call to action for donations.

We focused on providing a warm welcome to visitors and to focus on positive behaviours rather than on what they shouldn’t do. We designed signs to help visitors understand what was ‘around the corner’ to encourage exploration and signs that could be used to help explain the heritage of the canal and the buildings.

How we added value

  • Built a design process to help the Trust implement the scheme in stages.
  • Brand language that is sensitive to the local environment.
  • Innovative and new ideas have been developed for enhancing landside wayfinding.
  • Signage that helps visitors to explore and discover.