Control rooms for Australian Border Security to process 20m passengers per year

More than 20 Million passengers arrive and depart Australia each year through its international airports and seaports. To help meet the challenge of monitoring such a large number of people, the Australian Customs Service commissioned us to provide best practice guidance and human factors advice on CCTV monitoring and control centre design.

Client: Australian Customs Service

The Strategy

To help meet the challenge of monitoring such a large number of people, the Australian Customs Service was planning to upgrade their CCTV surveillance system. To ensure they continued to meet performance targets, they wanted to ensure that they addressed the human element of their systems. Our consultants visited the existing control centres observing and analysing operator tasks, workflow and communication links.

Our Work

We provided the Australian Customs Service with two documents; the first provided Human Factors guidelines for best practice CCTV control centre design and operation. The second document sat alongside the guidelines, providing detailed results and analysis of the existing control room reviews. It also presented conceptual designs to illustrate how the control room could be developed and designed to comply with best practice guidelines.


The project delivered practical guidance that the Customs Service could take forward into its development programme.

• The deliverables were designed to be actionable by future internal teams

• The guidance was based on observed requirements of front-line staff in the airports