Heathrow Terminal 2 Control Room Design

We used our expertise to ensure the new Eastern Campus Control Room for Heathrow Terminals 2A and 2B reaches the highest standards of ‘human centred’ design and are a benchmark for future Terminal control room designs.

Client: Tyco Integrated Systems
Location: London

What we did

We were commissioned by Tyco to lead the ergonomic design of the Terminal Control Centre for the new Terminal 2A at Heathrow Airport

We reviewed operational requirements with staff from Heathrow and built a full-scale mock-up of the furniture and equipment layout for each room to enable end users to input to the finished design.  We used the output of this workshop to develop the designs in detail and ensure that they could be accommodated within the architectural and other constraints.

David Watts, Managing Director of CCD says, “Heathrow Terminal 5 set the standard for control facilities, and our aim for the Eastern Campus was to move forwards from there.  By adopting a human-centred approach involving Heathrow operational staff in the design process, we have ensured that it is an environment they want to work in and will enable Heathrow Airport to deliver on its commitment to passenger experience.”

How we added value

  • Design developed through engagement and involvement of operational staff
  • Layout developed around team collaboration and lines of sight to shared displays
  • Furniture designed with Thinking Space to meet the rigourous demands of 24/7 operation