Workplace Research: Call for participants

We are conducting a research project into how people use different spaces in offices to collaborate and work on their own.

We’re opening the invitation to participate in our research, and we’re looking for a wide variety of spaces. We’ll conduct a free assessment of your space and how your team work.


Well, according to a study by the Leesman Index, only 57% of employees agree that their workplace enables them to work productively.

We were driven to conduct this research because we wanted a deeper understanding of how different spaces impact behaviours, and how people work and interact with each other.

What we plan to do

Our plan is to come to your office over a few days and carry out these activities:

Online survey/interview to determine how spaces support collaborative work.

Behavioural observation
to look at the types of collaboration in the workplace.

Space assessments
to determine what spaces are being used and how.

What’s in it for you?

You will get an individual report on our findings about your workspace. You will also get an advance copy of the full research report which will benchmark your environment against the others that we survey. The wider research will be made public but we will discuss confidentiality of any aspects with you first.

Any criteria?

To help us get a great cross-section of spaces, we’re looking for businesses of all different shapes and sizes in the London area. Ideally, you’ll have anywhere from 20-250 people. The configuration of your office could be nearly anything; we are just as interested in the traditional office set up as we are in creative spaces.

 Who are we?

CCD is a design company that is led by understanding human behaviour. We have 40 years experience in the design of high performing work spaces.


Stephanie Clarke

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