Victoria and Albert Museum appoints CCD for holistic wayfinding design

The V&A, known the world-over as the leading museum of art and design, has appointed CCD, the human-factors led design consultancy, to create a new wayfinding strategy following an extensive selection process.  The appointment will see CCD undertake an in-depth programme of research to understand how different visitors and staff see, interact with and understand the building and will use those views to develop and shape the final wayfinding strategy and design solution.

V&A Museum

David Bickle, Director of Design, Exhibitions and FuturePlan at the Victoria and Albert Museum says, “We are delighted to find a design partner following a rigorous and lengthy selection process which took place over a ten month period. The V&A attracts visitors from all over the world, and CCD has grasped that by understanding their needs we can, together, create a wayfinding system that will improve people’s time at the Museum. Our aim is to use wayfinding to enrich the visitor experience by them helping explore the rich contents of the museum and its collections.”

CCD will lead a consortium of experts consisting of designer Nick Bell, The Team, and Wood & Wood Signs.  The project is in several stages commencing with the research, before moving to the initial design and testing phase with the system expected to be completed by the beginning of 2017.

Chris Girling, CCD’s Head of Wayfinding says, “The V&A is a remarkable building holding a fantastic collection of permanent and temporary exhibits.  For people to get the most out of their time visiting we must create a wayfinding solution that embraces their needs, but still work within the Museum’s architecture and brand-language.  In a complex environment such as the V&A we can only unlock the ideal design solution once our behavioural research gives us an understanding of the interaction between people, the architecture, collections, lighting, landmarks and signs. The research will provide us with the evidence to deliver a creative design solution which will be developed alongside the V&A team.”

The success of the scheme will be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively – indicators will include increases in return visits, visitor satisfaction surveys, as well as improved flow through entrance areas and fewer questions to staff about how to find particular destinations.


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