Social distancing wayfinding supports reopening

Helping culture and heritage venues to re-mobilise through social distancing wayfinding 

As many cultural institutions begin to reopen, social distancing still poses a major challenge for venues.

CCD has been working with our clients Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Royal Museums Greenwich to help them welcome worshippers and visitors with confidence.

Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral were able to reopen for worship only from mid-June. The real test for many venues will be managing the safety and compliance of their visitors upon reopening the doors to the public.  The Cutty Sark is set open on 20 July.

text and signage

Royal Museums Greenwich

Westminster Abbey

To support our clients, we have been assisting them in adapting their current wayfinding systems. In addition, we developed a bespoke set of social distancing pictograms based on behavioural design and wayfinding best practice. The pictograms and wayfinding use behavioural principles such as social proof and nudge theory to encourage good behaviour at each venue. Using colour theory, Magenta was chosen for its ability to stand out amongst existing signage and commonly used colours (i.e. green, orange, red), and lack of existing connotations.

Download our social distancing pictograms here:


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