Research, Rethink, Reimagine

It goes without saying that here at CCD, we love research – it drives everything we do.  By nature, we are curious and look for the ‘why’ to a behaviour or problem.

Introducing our CCD: Re – Research, Rethink, Reimagine programme. When we approach project research, we have to leave our assumptions at the door, so the concept of ‘Re’ is to encourage us to question what we think we know, and to adopt a questioning, wider-angle view. So we wanted to continue that away from our client work and have built an internal team so we can look at some of the questions we are always asking away from project constraints.


Research gives us a deeper understanding of peoples’ behaviour; whether it’s an experience with a journey, an interaction or how they use a space or service. Research is about aquiring new learning and knowledge. We sell expertise so we never stop learning.


We look at existing designs or solutions, reconsidering perceptions and what we think we know.  We take a problem and Rethink it, leaving behind assumptions. We are problem solvers, and design needs to do exactly that – solve a problem.


More space and time allows these projects to take an interaction or an experience, and Reimagine it. We can strip it back and start from the behavioural fundamentals to produce new ideas, new perspectives and better ways of making things work. Ultimately, we design to improve people’s lives.

The CCD: Re team are dedicated to looking further, helping us rethink our perceptions, and re-imagine better solutions. They are our research sub-team, and we’ve convinced two design research interns to join the team to bring some fresh thinking. The projects will be a mix of topics we think need more discussion, industry trends and things we’ve noticed whilst on project work, but that deserved a deeper look.

We look forward to sharing the project findings with you!


David Watts

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