Luxury development Al Mouj appoints CCD Design as wayfinding partner

One of the Middle East’s most prestigious and high-profile developments has appointed CCD to create a wayfinding scheme designed around the concept of how people interact with, and see, all elements of their environment.  Al Mouj has turned to CCD to develop its wayfinding following an international competition which saw the UK-based agency beat competition from as far afield as Australia.  Al Mouj is a thriving waterfront community spread along a stunning 6km stretch of coast in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

Wayfinding design for Al Mouj Oman

Waterside Residential Development at Al Mouj, Muscat, Oman

CCD was chosen because of its expertise in wayfinding strategy based on how people interact with their surroundings, an outlook it shares with Al Mouj.  Chris Girling, CCD’s Head of Wayfinding says, “Our role is to help people understand where they are and how to find where they are going.  This will be achieved by an integrated design approach which considers landscaping, lighting, digital as well as signage. We have been commissioned to deliver a wayfinding design for the development that will help both residents and visitors.  CCD’s approach is to develop a system that is based on understanding how people think and behave in complex environments and create a wayfinding system based around those parameters.”

The design will support car movements but will also ensure that the development is walkable so that people can take full advantage of all the leisure activities available to them including running and cycling routes.

Kevin Abbott of Al Mouj says, “From the outset we have recognised that wayfinding plays a critical role in place-making and establishing an environment that is usable and comfortable, and that also delivers the living experience the Al Mouj brand represents.  CCD has a long history of design solutions based on an understanding of human factors, and represents the perfect partner for us.  We share a belief that wayfinding is more than just signage. The brief is about the totality of how people navigate and explore and how that can enhance people’s lives here.”

CCD has partnered with NLME landscape architects from Dubai.


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