Human Factors in Intelligent Mobility & Mobility-as-a-Service

CCD’s David Watts recently spoke at the Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference about the role of human factors, experience & service design in looking at future transport systems including Mobility as a Service (MasS).


David talked in a session around user-centered approaches and MaaS.  His talk outlined the value of starting with thinking about the passenger, the context of use, the emotional and functional experience and the importance of a sense of control over journeys. These are all fundamental in designing new services that utilise technology especially where the transport system is being delivered in different ways.  The MaaS model, following the example of other industries transitioning to a model of service rather than ownership, needs these fundamentals of passenger experience to provide the foundation.

David’s presentation can be seen at

The conference was run by Impart, Impetus and the Transport Systems Catapult to examine how technology is helping to create new transport services.  Sessions covered

  • Autonomous and connected transport systems
  • Improving safety for all road users
  • The global perspective on Intelligent Mobility
  • Local authorities – how to implement urban mobility
  • User-centred approaches and Mobility as a Service
  • Improving urban transport with disruptive technologies




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