Helping Dell Communicate Good Ergonomics for CAD Users

We’ve just finished working with Dell on a brief guide to workstation design, health and wellbeing for CAD users.  The brief was to help users of Dell CAD workstation equipment to improve the set-up their workstations through the use of good ergonomics.

It needed us to stop and think about what kind of things make CAD users different from normal computer users. This covered things like more screens, different kinds of source materials and alternative input devices.  The guidance covers how to position equipment, how to create space for things like sketch pads and considerations around sit/stand workstations.

The Dell eGuide can be found here

Dell eGuide

David is Managing Director at CCD

David is our Managing Director with over 19 years practice as a Human Factors specialist in design projects. He has delivered projects across sectors including rail, oil & gas, airports, utilities and the emergency services. He has worked with clients such as Network Rail, Siemens, easyJet, WSP, Metropolitan Police, National Express, TfL and HS2.


David Watts

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