CCD talking about designing for users at Mobility as a Service (MaaS) conference

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is seen by many as the next area of revolution in the transport sector. A recent report from the Transport Systems Catapult sees it as the next big change in how we travel.  On 31st January, IMPART are running a one day conference to discuss the topic with the focus on “designing with users at the centre of the proposition”. The main challenge for the conference is how can the service offers be made more attractive than ownership?

David Watts, CCD’s Managing Director, will be there to talk about the use of journey mapping to explore the end-to-end experience and design services from a user perspective.

Touch display for mobility planningThe conference programme will be covering:

  • predicting the future needs of the ‘digital native’ in MaaS
  • whether co-design with users could generate innovative elements of MaaS that don’t yet exist
  • what role the collaborative economy could play through crowd sourcing data or sharing infrastructure
  • whether understanding and tracking individual mobility profiles could provide the framework for MaaS
  • the privacy implications for sharing  of personal data
  • the implications of MaaS for geographic data provision to users
  • MaaS for different sectors – rural vs urban or business vs leisure users

Click on the link about if you want to find out more and register to attend the conference (it’s free) and hear David’s talk.



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