CCD sets futuristic briefs for students at Loughborough University London on the Collaborative Project

CCD has partnered with Loughborough University London again to bridge the gap between industry and academia on the Collaborative Project work. The module, as part of the post graduate courses offered at the university, inspires students to solve real world problems with innovative solutions for the future.

We visited Loughborough University London in September to introduce the two project briefs for the 2016-2017 academic year which address Smart Cities and future transport systems.

The students were assigned groups, to ensure a mixture of skill sets and experience. The groups have 12 weeks to complete the project, which includes writing a final report and pitching their ideas at a trade fair in December.

Loughborough University London Campus Building

Loughborough University London Campus Building

From innovation management to industrial design, the project consists of students from a variety of backgrounds. It is the opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary groups on real projects, assigned by industry leading companies, that makes the collaborative project so unique. To be successful the students will need to utilise the skill sets and experience within their group.

The CCD team were back on the Queen Elizabeth Park campus with the students in November to monitor progress and offer guidance on the initial conceptual ideas each group had produced. The students were entering a key research phase in their projects. It was fascinating to see the different interpretations of the briefs set, with the blend of experience, personal interests, and cultural diversity clear in the emerging solutions.

We hope to maintain this working relationship with Loughborough University London for the years to come.



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