CCD joins collaborative tech spaces in Cambridge and Brighton

As CCD develop service and experience design and focus on humanising technology, they are growing their presence in two centres at the forefront of tech development in Cambridge and Brighton.

Image: The Bradfield Centre

CCD have taken roaming space in the Bradfield Centre, a co-working space in Cambridge, UK. The Bradfield Centre is focused on fostering a collaborative entrepreneurial community of technology start-ups and scale-ups.

With CCD’s recent launch of Evidentia, a design tool that applies VR and eye-tracking to gain behavioural insights, and ongoing development of immersive tech in user-centred design methodologies, The Bradfield Centre was a perfect choice to support this progress and open collaboration with start-ups in a future-facing tech community.

Head of Experience Design at CCD, Phil Nutley’s residency in FuseBox Brighton to further support this tech focus. Fusebox, one of four Digital Catapult centres in the UK, is a collaborative R&D space in Brighton where innovators from the arts, humanities and design engage, develop and design new and immersive technologies.

Cambridge and Brighton are the epicentres of technology development in the UK. The Bradford Centre is based in Cambridge Science Park, the UK’s original supporting tech development in the UK since 1970 with links to University of Cambridge Trinity College. Fusebox houses the Brighton Immersive Lab and is one of the key 5G testbeds in the country.


Stephanie Clarke

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