CCD commissioned to design training centre interior

CCD, working in collaboration with AV specialists HyperSphere, have been commissioned to completely revamp the main training centre for an oil & gas company in Saudi Arabia. We are working to renew the interior spaces and integrate the technology into the classroom environments whilst providing increased flexibility in how the spaces are used by both instructors and students.

HyperSphere, UK based global technology solutions provider, will be responsible for reviewing the technology provision in the centre including the IT infrastructure, projection and display technology, audio systems, interactive whiteboards etc.

The objective of the project is to keep the training centre as the best, in an industry that is constantly changing and developing. Their large multinational workforce operates in one of the world’s largest oil producing companies, and the training centre was originally designed to offer a state-of-the-art classroom and training facility to foster collaborative learning along with utilizing high-end visualisation tools with virtual reality for observing and interacting with seismic data, drill engineering and well and well bore management through simulation..

Training RoomDavid Watts, CCD’s Managing Director says, “This training and development centre is key to keeping our clients’ staff at the forefront of the oil and gas industry.  We’ll be working closely with HyperSphere to create an industry-leading learning environment. The new design and supporting technology reflect a change in teaching styles that incorporate more interaction and group collaborative work. One part of the project is for CCD to undertake some environmental branding to make the spaces feel more integrated with their brand and to link more closely to the oil & gas sector.”

CCD has been tasked with creating more flexible spaces with technology integrated into the classroom environments.  The brief also includes refreshing the interior of the classrooms and lecture theatres to provide a more invigorating environment to deliver better learning outcomes.

The project finishes in the summer with the technology and interior update planned for end 2016 and 2017.Lecture Theatre


David Watts

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