Are you #AMRaware? CCD installs AMR concept in pharmacy

Following participation in the IDAPPS Ideas Lab, CCD install AMR awareness concept #AMRaware in Hills Pharmacy in Kennington, London.

The goal of the Ideas Lab was to design an intervention that could be hosted in a pharmacy space to empower patients. CCD’s concept shows the steps to self-care, with help of your community pharmacist, before calling a doctor and resorting to antibiotics.

Follow the progress of the research and awareness campaign on twitter: @AMRaware

Installation Day!

Pharmacy Frontage: Before


Pharmacy Frontage: After


Pharmacy Frontage: After

Inside the pharmacy

Our research has two main aims:

  1. To encourage patients to use their pharmacist as a first port of call when ill

  2. To educate and raise awareness of AMR

Over the next month we will collect feedback passively and on-site through weekly user testing and observation.

Poster and feedback dot voting.


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Stephanie Clarke

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