Human Factors

Human Factors and Ergonomics are about designing for people. Producing good design requires understanding of peoples’ capabilities and limitations and how these vary across the population.

Our work provides a structured, scientific and evidence-based approach to this. Using Human Factors in the design process provides insight into how different people will use or interact with the design solution. It drives design to meet to peoples’ needs rather than forcing them to adapt. Human Factors brings a people-orientated perspective to the design team.

London Bridge Station Concourse

Human Factors Integration

We provide a Human Factors Integration service that complies with Network Rail, LU and other industry standards.


Workload and Human Error

We have developed a range of tools for assessing workload and human error which been validated in safety critical work environments.


Human Modeling

We use SAMMIE CAD software to give us an objective assessment of design early in development in a way that is quick and cost effective.


Usability and Testing

Getting user feedback on design solutions is key to success. Usability testing ensures you get an evaluation that is structured, robust and effective.

Understanding the wayfinding & travel needs for the Blind & Visually Impaired - Guide Dogs for the Blind

Applied Research

Practical user research give scientific basis for answering your questions. Our approach is based on rigour and giving evidence and confidence to the solution.

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Health and Safety

Risk & ergonomics assessments for a range of workplaces including airport baggage handling, platform safety and train maintenance pits.

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