Design Research

Stand out. Be loved. Most importantly, work brilliantly. All things you want from your product or service.

We solve human challenges and bring insight into why your customers behave and think as they do. Our research can help influence, nudge and persuade. We help you to design to meet needs & solve problems…rather than develop a solution in search of a problem.

Visitors at Victoria & Albert Museum


This is all about research, and approaching the project without any assumptions.  Ethnographic tools including observations, photoblogs, interviews, video are all used to step into the shoes of your customers.



Charles Eames famously said, “never delegate understanding”. We believe you need to be involved and engaged in the research. We share data, we involve you in research exercises & stream video to bring you into the process.



The results of the research are visually & graphically communicated to your team. Our graphics team use storyboards, film, sketches and photos to bring the insights to life, define requirements or develop design briefs.



The insights are used to drive good design forwards. We work alongside other designers to develop the product or service acting as the voice of the user. We test and trial designs as they develop to capture user feedback and improve the design.

Our Work