Who we are

The essentials: 

These are our six core values that underpin how we work with you and your project.

We engage with end users

We believe in engaging and collaborating with your team and your customers. Design shouldn’t be something that is done to you.

We leave assumptions behind

You don’t want us to do the same as we did for someone else – you are different. We take time in the discovery and research phase to understand you from the beginning.

We deliver functionality

We believe that users need us to deliver the basic functions brilliantly first before doing the cool added-value stuff.

We take a wider view

A people-centered approach to projects means that we take a wider, more holistic view of your world. We see different interactions and perspectives which are key to making complex systems work.

We learn lessons

We value the diversity of areas that we work in. We believe our breadth of experience helps to widen our view. We’ve learnt a lot in our 40 yrs!

We get it right

The value in deep research and user engagement is that you have confidence and evidence that the solutions we develop with you will work first time.

Our people

Where we work

We have delivered human factors, wayfinding and workspace design projects across the world and for a wide variety of clients. Our work has covered many sectors including transport, security, education, healthcare, culture & heritage, blue light services, utilities and energy. The diversity of sectors, clients and countries is important in enabling our teams to transfer experience and keep learning.