Experience Design

Do you really know your customers, your visitors, your passengers, your users? Do you understand their behaviours, their motivations, their needs in a way that can help you shape how they experience your service, product or environment? How do their behaviours and needs align with your brand and your offer?


We don’t do market research to get to the heart of this. We are firm believers in the value of design research and gaining insights from a deep engagement with a limited number of your users. We think these insights are far more powerful for design than the limited number of truths that can be discovered from market research techniques.

Our philosophy is built on watching and talking to people. We have structured methods but we often find a simple conversation is the best way to elicit information from your customers. We build personas based on attitudes and behaviours not on crude demographics. We map their journey or interaction from first contact to the on-going relationship. We explore the functional needs at each stage and look at these alongside the emotional and softer kinds of engagement.

The output of this research work is used to inform our design work from start to finish. It sets a strategic level description of the experience you want to provide all of your customers. It ensures that your brand is fully expressed in terms of how your customers will engage what you offer. From this base we can start to look at the individual design interventions ensuring that they will work together to deliver a cohesive and consistent experience.

Taking this approach gives you confidence that the design output has a solid foundation and is based on clear, researched evidence.