Police Headquarters Control Centre

We provided Abu Dhabi Police with a world class secure control facility to support the development of the emirate.

Client: Cassidan
Location: United Arab Emirates

What we did

We worked with Cassidian to design one of the world’s largest fully secure underground control centres. The control centre will provide lock down facilities and protection from all major threats whilst providing a functional, aesthetic and state of the art control room providing command and control of emergency services across the country.

The control room will provide innovative building and environmental control to allow operators to function effectively within a windowless environment. Innovative natural daylight devices will capture and transmit sunlight into underground areas to create ‘underground gardens’ and a real-time sense of the time of day and external conditions.

We worked closely with police stakeholders to prepare the operational requirements. These were developed into concept visualizations of how the Control Room might look, a useful tool to help internal communications and options decision making. Full size desk mock-ups were manufactured and tested locally to develop functionality and aesthetic.

How we added value

  • Design of a quality working environment in a high security facility
  • Innovative lighting design to compensate for lack of natural light
  • Development of a design through collaboration with end users through the use of models and mock-ups
  • A design expression of the Police force’s strategic vision to demonstrate to key stakeholders their commitment to supporting the people of Abu Dhabi