How we do it


We empathise with people.
We identify patterns.


Our first step is getting to understand you and your business: we need to get inside what you do, how you do it and where you want to go.

Then we need to understand your customers and users: we observe, we listen, we engage and we identify the key truths. This ethnographic research provides the basis for our recognition of your users’ goals, needs and motivations.

We bring science to design research. Our team of human factors experts & psychologists do the background work that brings rigour and an academic base to our findings.

We learn from other sectors – we bring over lessons from our diverse experience as well as from specific benchmarking activities.


We make sense of it all.
We develop new ideas.


We like to start with defining and understanding the broader strategy. We take a holistic approach that sees our design work within the context of the wider business strategy, desired people experience or change process.

We use the research to drill down and analyse the data. We map the user needs using tools like personas. We look at issues such as behavioural patterns, task processes, movement principles and job design. It enables us to be the voice of the user through the design process. It gives us the stories and user needs that the design will hang off.

This is the source material for our design concept development. Our approach provides an evidence-base that gives you greater confidence that the right solution is being developed.


We shape behaviour.
We make it happen.


Our philosophy is using design to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Our work is focused on making sure we deliver solutions that are useful, usable and valuable. We target meeting functional needs and use that to create positive experiences.

Our approach is to design with you and your users. We want to draw on their expertise and experience. We use a variety of prototyping and interactive methods to facilitate this. We find this is a great way get buy-in and support change.

We don’t stop at concepts. We want to work through how it gets made and implemented. We want to measure impact and look for metrics by which we can get objective feedback on how well the design has worked and what change has happened.

What they say

CCD did a super job. Their work was critical in achieving a faster turnaround and meeting our objective of improving customer service

Neil - Managing Director at Hovertravel